Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sifting Through the Dirt in MN-02

This entry is a public service for those frustrated voters who want to make a decision in the MN-02 race but are tired of hearing only angry ranting.

It's a collection of websites which offer information about both candidates--categorized by point of view.

I've tried to offer a balanced sampling, but voters should be aware that the Left is apparently somewhat more internet-aware, and there simply ARE more blogs on the left than on the right. At least, when I googled simply for "Kline & Rowley & Congress", I got a preponderance of Lefty results. If commenters wish to recommend Righty sites, I'll be happy to check them out and add them if they will balance out a sparse category.

He said - She said

campaign websites:
MN party websites:


Minnesota Political sites

Strong Left: (David Bailey's inactive site.)
Moderate Left:
Moderate Right:
Strong Right:

miscellaneous sites:

summer campaign trail
Center For Politics
Chamber of Commerce
MN Campaign Report
watchdog sites:

National non-political press coverage:

Time: The Memo
How the FBI Blew the Case
Memo to Mueller

Time: 2002 Persons of the Year
cover photo:
Persons of the Year: 2002 (main article)
Profile: The Special Agent,9171,1003988,00.html
Contents page with photo
Background: Covering the Story,9171,1003200,00.html